• State Investigates Indiana Planned Parenthood Centers

    State health officials have concluded that Indiana Planned Parenthood clinics that perform abortions follow all requirements for the proper disposal of fetal remains. Governor Pence had called for an investigation. Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood’s website was hacked this week in what the nonprofit health services organization called “an attack by extremists.”

  • MadCo Inmate Recants Police Brutality Story

    An inmate at the Madison County Jail has recanted his story of police brutality. 51-year-old Ewart Marsh claimed he was beaten on July 11 by four deputies after he was booked into the jail. The department investigated and concluded that Marsh, based on video taken as he entered the jail, already had a gash on […]

  • Anderson Man Facing Assault Charges On Teen

    An Anderson man faces charges in connection with the rape and sexual battery of a 17-year-old boy who was staying at his home. 54-year-old Troy Max Brauchla, arrested and charged this week. Prosecutors say Brauchla was previously charged with child molestation in connection with a 1983 case.

  • No Bidders On Downtown Muncie Project

    Not a single peep from potential contractors in connection with Muncie’s Quiet Zone Project. The city reports no bidders on a million dollar contract to improve safety features at several downtown rail crossings. Most contractors are just too busy right now with other projects.

  • Fed Funding Returned To Anderson

    Good News. Federal money for a proposed new bus terminal in Anderson has been returned to Madison County. Earlier this year, the city lost $3 million in federal funds because officials had not yet picked a site for the new terminal.

  • Gamers Unite! Gen Con Underway In Indy

    The country’s biggest gathering of gamers is underway. Gen Con is in its 12th consecutive year at the Indiana Convention Center. An estimated 60,000 people will flock to Indianapolis this weekend for the event. Gen Con brings an estimated $67 million to the Circle City every year.

  • North & South Walnut Street OPEN in Muncie’s Downtown

    Good news for downtown Muncie. Walnut Street is OPEN North and South all the way through Downtown. It should stay open until the first of September.

  • Trip To Muncie Park Anything But Fun

    A kid’s trip to a Muncie park is ruined by drug addicts. Two women spotted shooting up at Morningside Park, in plain view of kids playing nearby. Witnesses report the two Muncie women slumped over on a picnic table. Both arrested.

  • Ricker’s Make $500,000 Gift To Ivy Tech

    Ricker’s convenience stores announced Thursday it is donating $500,000 to Ivy Tech Community College to support the new Anderson campus. Ricker’s officials say the gift – the biggest in the company’s history – is a way for the company to invest in the community in which they opened their first convenience store.

  • Indiana Colleges Make Forbe’s List

    A total of 18 Indiana colleges and universities made Forbe’s annual list for the top colleges in the country. Notre Dame came out at #13 making it the highest ranked college in the state. DePauw University and Indiana University in Bloomington the next two highest. Purdue University ranked #136 and Ball State came in at […]


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